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Welcome to our articles page. Here we provide translation and language-related information for your interest and enjoyment.

Most of these articles are contributions from our professional linguists. Please note that all these articles are copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without prior written permission.

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Multi-Lingual Website - A Call of Present Scenario
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 13:25

It's very hard to ignore the fact that websites has become a central and major requirement for having a wide and borderless presence. Business whether big or small that are looking to get that competitive edge over its competitors actually needs website to sell their product, service or convey message instantly. At the same time looking at the present scenario in this cutting edge competition, it has become more important for business firms to cover customers from all across the globe. And, this is where multi-lingual websites are emerging and gaining its wide acceptance. In fact, for businesses actually wishing to get that competitive advantage, a multi-lingual website is now acting as one of the highest impactful means for increasing a client base and securing greater sales volumes.

If we talk about the role of communication that has always played a vital role in any business then in the last few years it has changed drastically. Being global by communicating to every local has totally transformed the way of conducting business for many business firms. Perhaps, it won't be wrong to say that business owners are focusing to target each local customer at different parts of the world. They are looking for globalization through a proper localization.

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Things to Consider in English to Portuguese Translation
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 13:17

Today, Portuguese is one of the most popular and an official language of Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. The language is also listed among the one of the most prestigious bureaucrat languages of the administrative regions of East Timor and Macau. Adding to this, Portuguese has gained recognition as an official language of the European Union. As a result and due to these factors, in recent years, English>Portuguese>English translation has gained enormous popularity and have increased at a rapid pace. However, opting any of these services is never as easy as it may initially seem. There are few areas of concern where one has to be very careful while considering English>Portuguese (or) Portuguese>English translation.

An individual hiring a free-lance translator or an agency for translation services must ensure the use of the standard languages variant. Unlike the English language which generally requires indirect quotation and has different punctuations, along with upper & lower case, Portuguese displays only the first letter in upper case and idiomatic expressions seldom correspond. The list is endless and therefore it is essential to have the proper usage of standard language variants which may further help in producing effective results, besides reaching out to all Portuguese-speaking people settled in different regions of the world.

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What to Consider for Italian to English Translations
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 13:01

There are many people who simply presume that translating is very easy job, as long as one has a general or decent knowledge of a language, but this is not true. Especially when speaking of Italian to English translation, then it may be quite funny to ask an individual to translate any document to English just because he or she once lived in England for a year. This can eventually prove to be an expensive and fatal mistake. Therefore, the logical option one can choose is to hire a professional language translation agency or free-lance translator who has a clear understanding and working knowledge of both languages. However, hiring a free-lance translator is not always a best choice, there are few important points one should consider when seeking an Italian to English translation -

Localization of Italian translations

Ever since standard Italian has achieved recognition as a literary language, it’s been widely used for writing in Italian-speaking countries and regions around the world. However, a key concern is that Italy is one of the few countries where the spoken language varies considerably from region to region. As a result, the local dialect may be a very vital element in an Italian to English translation and one must not ignore it. In fact, this localization of Italian>English or English>Italian translation is especially applicable in the border regions of Italy where a variety of dialects spoken are much more prominent than in Italian-speaking zones of other countries.

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A Good Way to Promote your Business to an International Audience
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 12:56

The most common promotional or awareness approach many companies utilize today is the practice of providing and distributing brochures, manuals, and leaflets to a targeted audience. No doubt, each plays an important role, yet they can also be cumbersome, uninspiring, and unable to express a real feeling for what an organization does, and/or how they operate. At this point, a language translation service plays a major and vital supporting role. In this article, you will learn more about the growing popularity of language translation services, and why one should promote their business by using utilizing the services such companies offer.

No matter the size of a company, be it large or small, every business organization always sets goals to promote their business. For many companies, entering into the international marketplace is a major, long term goal. International entry often proves to be a most effective method of propelling a company into higher profitability, increased market share, and rapid growth. Yet a key question always remains in need of answer … how to successfully market the company and to promote the products or services it offers to foreign consumers? Without doubt, the most appropriate solution should be an effective and mode of communication to accurately convey information. Providing correct information to prospective customers, regardless of their location, can be a catalyst to success. Or, information improperly or inaccurately conveyed can prove disastrous.

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Things to Consider When Hiring Spanish Translators
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 12:34

Today, hiring the services of Spanish translation service providers is not as easy as it may appear. This article recommends few tips for consideration before hiring the services of Spanish language translators..

Translating any language into another language, or vice-versa, is a complex task. It cannot simply be considered a matter of literally writing the source text into the target text. Translation is an art of expression, and in today's global market, appealing to international customers is a necessity for the survival of any business. It has also been proven that communicating to foreign customers in their native language assures them that the given business can cater to their needs. To communicate to foreign customers located in Spain, or vice-versa, it is important to communicate with them correctly in their native language. A business owner must be concerned about using a quality Spanish translator who can communicate messages to the Spanish speaking population, or vice-versa, effectively.

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