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"SAIC is a FORTUNE 500® scientific, engineering, and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy and the environment, critical infrastructure, and health. BlueGlobe International LLC consistently provides language services on a global scale which meet the strict vendor standards required by SAIC."


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Meaning of Translations

Translation is the interpreting of the meaning of a text and the subsequent production of an equivalent text, likewise termed a translation, which communicates the same message in another language. The text to be translated is called the source text, and the language that it is to be translated into is called the target language. Other terminology often used is final product or target text, whether spoken, written or signed. Translation must take into account constraints which include context, the rules of grammar of the two languages, their writing conventions, and their idioms. A common misconception that a simple word-for-word correspondence exists between any two languages, and that translation is a straightforward mechanical process. However, such a word-for-word translation cannot take into account context, grammar, conventions, and idioms.

Translation, when practiced by relatively bilingual individuals, but especially when by persons with limited proficiency in one or both languages, involves a risk of spilling-over of idioms and usages from the source language into the target language. On the other hand, inter-linguistic spillages have also served the useful purpose of importing calques and loanwords from a source language into a target language which had previously lacked a concept or a convenient expression for the concept. Translators and interpreters, professional as well as amateur, have thus played an important role in the evolution of languages and cultures.

The art of translation is as old as written literature. Parts of the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, among the oldest known literary works, have been found in translations into several Asiatic languages of the second millennium BCE. The Epic of Gilgamesh may have been read, in their own languages, by early authors of the Bible and of the Iliad. With the advent of computers, highly technical software has allowed translations to be computerized and/or to automate translations of natural-language texts (machine translation). Computers are also used as an aid to CAT translation (computer-assisted translation).

BlueGlobe International's professional translators allow our firm to currently offer translation and interpreting servies in 100's of languages . Any type of legal document, website, medical translation, financial translation, technical translation, tattoo ... any worded project ... can be translated by our professionals. To guarantee the quality of all project translations, BlueGlobe International will assure our clients that even the most specialized documents will be translated by a mother tongue translator . The translator assigned to the task will be a certified professional, skilled, and with proven experience, in addition to a close connection in the specialized field of the clients project.

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  • Offering 100's of Major Languages worldwide
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  • Highest Market Level of Customer Care
  • Fastest Growing Translation Agency in the world
  • 100's of Language Service Professionals on staff
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